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The building is situated in the historical centre of the City of Lazise. Although the area is still identified as historic centre all neighbouring constructions are characterized by isolated buildings and the same building is identified as an isolated residence. It is built in the late 60 ‘s, designed on two levels each used as apartment. The villa, whose main façade is oriented to the East, so lake front, has a regular planimetric shape of quadrangular form. The building is a rather compact and strict block in spatial conformation, plan and elevation. Only in the central part the composition is fragmented jutting a little bit more than the a part of the volume represented on the back by the staircase and on the front by the central part of the building. On the first floor some balconies on the main and side façades allow to highlight the prospect in horizontal direction, enlightenment made more visible by linear roof undersides.


The building has not undergone significant interventions of maintenance since its construction. Facilities, equipment and finishings are so characteristic of the buildings of 60 ‘s. There are no particular problems or structural deterioration, if not related to the age of materials.




2012 – 2015


Project of functional reuse


Lazise – VR-

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The Project


The project involves the construction of 5 residential units, dividing the ground floor and first respectively in two units, and obtaining the last apartment in the attic, previously used as garret. This latest addition is made pleasant by the presence of a roof terrace which, with some slight orientation changes of perimeter walls, allows to focus all the rooms on the top floor towards this private location nestled between the sky and the lake.

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The work site

The interventions concerned first all the facilities, especially the roof which was completely rebuilt with metal frame and wooden beams. The roof mantle has been suitably insulated with wood fibre panels as well as the walls of the building, isolated from inside with a package consisting of insulations in rock wood and plasterboard finish. The windows have been replaced with new ones in wood and glass. The darkening roller system has been replaced with wooden leaf doors. All the floors have been redone in ceramic. Only on the ground floor some floor finishes have been kept, being careful to pass only along the perimeter for the passage of equipment and replacing only the perimeter portion with a new wood frame. The plants have been completely renovated, providing an heating and new electrical system to each apartment.
Outdoor 5 parking spaces have been created along the property that has been equipped with new driveway access to allow easy flow of cars.

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Project outcome

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