22 September 2016 05 November 2016

Il restauro dell’architettura Moderna: come e perchè

  |   Conference

The course will deal with the design approach needed to define interventions on modern architecture buildings, distinguished by their recognized cultural value, though not always historically. A conference, workshop, theoretical lessons with practical activities through demonstrations of the operation of some diagnostic techniques and operating modes.

1 Module ( 23/09/2016) : The restoration project: modern architecture between conservation, innovation and sismic adaptation. Anna Raimondi: La riscoperta della Cà Brutta di Giovanni Muzio (1922) a Milano, grazie al Restauro Conservativo delle superfici

3 Module (05/11/2016): Restoration interventions: conservation, recovery, enhancement. Anna Raimondi: Il cantiere della Cà Brutta di Giovanni Muzio a Milano.

Fondazione Architetti di Firenze – Ordine Architetti Firenze – Assorestauro

Piazza Stazione, 50 – Firenze

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